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Latest Projects

non-toxic sustainable aluminum kitchen in  Moonstone and bone white with silver highlights
eternAL in Moonstone and bone white with silver highlights

Gourmet kitchen for people who love to cook!!

non-toxic sustainable aluminum kitchen in  bone white
eternAL in bone white

Contemporary kitchen with all the modern comforts.Highlights are magic corner pull-out, full-access pantry and beautiful panelled refrigerator and dishwasher. 

rustic kitchen in dark green aluminum non-toxic and sustainable
eternAL in Hartford Mist dark green

A perfect blend of traditional style and modern comforts. Featuring a custom wine rack with LED lighting, cookbook shelf and refinished butcher block.

white and grey aluminum non-toxic sustainable cabinetry
eternAL in bone white and grey

Contemporary condo reno in downtown Vancouver. Bone white and grey cabinetry and closet doors to match!

medium grey kitchen cabinets with silver frames natural stone countertops
eternAL in smoke grey with silver frames

Elegant and time-less. Beautiful mix of modern with warm wood highlights and unique stone countertops.

eternAL in Moonstone and silver

Bright red aluminium kitchen with dark grey and silver accents
The Ferrari of kitchens, including the colour!

The Ferrari of kitchens in festivAL line. Custom bright red with contrasting moonstone grey upper cabinets. This kitchen was designed for our most famous customer.

festivAL and externAL in Claret Red

Outdoor living space. Our claret red kitchen is the centre of attention and the action.

bone white aluminium galley kitchen
Cozy eternAL in bone white

This cozy cabin on the lake has a small, narrow space for a kitchen. The owner needed something fresh and bright with some additional storage to make room for a dishwasher.

Contemporary silver aluminum cabinets with butcher block countertops
eternAL in Venus with natural wood accents

This couple is fond of the mix of different materials for a combination of contemprary and the natural warmth of wood.

brick red, glass uppers, recycled glass countertop olive colour, red backsplash
Bold and warm. festivAL in brick red

This contemporary island kitchen is a combination of festivAL and vitAL lines.

eternAL in rich chocolate brown (classic bronze)

Contemporary dark, rich chocolate brown, bright blue and white accents. Clean, smooth lines and smart storage brought this kitchen up to modern standards and gave it a contemporary look.

grey lower cabinets with high-gloss black upper cabinets in Victoria BC
vitAL in Saturn and high-gloss black upper cabinets

Our client's request was to open up the space and make it more modern.

Mix of vitAL and festivAL in brick red with white and glass upper cabinets


Barcelona Box in Smoke Grey

Barcelona Box series. Custom designed furniture for the whole house.